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Howya!! We're currently putting the finishing touches on a sports event platform called Ace.
We want to make it easier to find and play sports and activities based on location, and what you're interested in. The idea came about because we were sick of not having enough players for our weekly football games. Our initial group, eventually, either moved away, had kids, or got old, and we didn't really have a way to bring new people into the game, or make it easy for people to join the game who may have not been 'in our network'. So we thought we'd build something to see if we could solve that.

Whats happening next?

Initially we'll test and build it for football games in the Dublin area, then we'll roll out other activities like tag rugby, golf, yoga, sailing, any activity whereby someone organises it, and wants other people to join. The idea is Ace will list all these 'events' and activities, via the organisers, and the public can pick and join any game, depending on their interests, location, and availibility.

Wanna get involved?

We will be testing very soon and would love to have you involved, getting feedback and trying it out it. If any of the above sounds interesting, or you organise games, and need something to help you find our audience, or you're looking for games to play in, let us know below...

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